Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today's funnies

comments on today's Whiskey Militia sale of a Rusty Desert Island for $435

Rating for this product: 4

"8'6" Rusty DI

By: floridasoulsurfer (1)
February 2, 2008

This type and size of board is for the 200 lb. plus intermediate to advanced level surfer, and for waist to overhead semi-glass to glassy conditions. It can take the chop and punch through mushy shoulders better than most "big guy" boards. There is low to moderate rocker and "v". This is more of a gun than a rail to rail board, and is great for getting you in the right spot on those offshore days when others struggle with the takeoff. My other board is a 8' CI M13 with a rounded pin, heavy rocker and v with a pulled in tail, which is great for any conditions, but not for the type of waves the Rusty was made for, so a great compliment to the quiver. The Rusty is heavier and has a wider squash tail. I Caught several barrels today, in waist high, glassy offshore conditions. Waves were super fast, and many fun shaped and long boards couldn't make it into the critical sections, as they have trouble with the angle take off and steeper drop, along with the off shore winds pushing their big foam sails back. A great price on this baord, plus you save the taxes, unless you live in this state."

1) an 8'6" pig ass board is good for an advance surfer?
2) caught several barrels?

Barrels? In FL on a giant funboard? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

guy is the biggest Donkey in the world!

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